Dr. Swesh kaur

With over 27 years of distinguished experience in the medical field, Dr Swesh Kaur is a leading figure in integrated primary care, currently practicing in Glenmarie Shah Alam.
Her journey in the medical field commenced in 1989 when she embarked on the pursuit of knowledge at Kasturba Medical College in India, ultimately graduating from Mangalore University in 1994. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for a fulfilling and diverse career in medicine, characterized by a commitment to patient care and a holistic approach to health
The initial postgraduate years were marked by a dynamic internship at Hospital Melaka where she gained invaluable experience across various medical and surgical fields. This period of hands-on learning set the stage for her subsequent role as a medical officer in the medical unit in Melaka. Here she played a vital role in the day-to-day operations, demonstrating competence in diagnosis and treatment.
A pivotal point in her career came with a district posting in the Emergency unit of hospital Sungai Petani, Kedah subsequently in emergency unit in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang in 1999. This experience honed her skills in managing emergency cases with efficiency, making critical decisions under pressure. The exposure to diverse medical challenges further solidified her commitment to providing high-quality patient care.
In 2000, she took a significant leap in her career by establishing Poliklinik Swesh, a medical practice dedicated to providing integrated primary healthcare services to the community. This endeavor was motivated by a profound belief in the ‘HEAL FROM WITHIN’ philosophy. In her approach to patient care, she is committed to identifying the root cause of ailments rather than merely addressing the symptoms, Poliklinik Swesh became a platform for offering personalized advice and treatment, with a focus on optimizing health outcomes.
Her pursuit of excellence in the field of nutritional medicine includes a certification in injectable nutrients from the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental medicine (ACNEM) in 2013, Advanced proficiency in clinical metal toxicology and antidotes in 2020 and a notable achievement as a nutrigenomic practitioner from Fitgenes in 2013.
Beyond the clinical setting, her commitment to the medical profession is underscored by her registration with the Malaysian Medical council and her life membership with the Malaysian medical association.
With over 27 years of practice, she continues to evolve in her profession. She completed a Masters in Nutrition and Healthy Aging, reflecting a commitment to staying abreast of advancement in healthcare. Her special interest lies in the reversal of chronic non-communicable diseases, and area where she has received training both locally and abroad.
In addition to her clinical responsibilities, she contributes to community health initiatives, providing support and treatment for drug-free pain management. Her soft-spoken and easily approachable demeanor aims to foster a patient-friendly environment and she consistently strive to provide a holistic healthcare service, moving towards a personalized touch in managing the pillars of health.
Her professional journey, spanning academic excellence, diverse clinical experience, and a commitment of ongoing education, reflects a deep-seated passion for the field of medicine. Through Poliklinik Swesh and the various health efforts, she continues to advocate for a healthcare approach that addresses the root cause of ailments, making a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

+603 5569 2293

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